Going Dental was my blog in dental school –  Then, after I graduated, it fell by the wayside.  I was busy working hard in my practice and didn’t have time to maintain a blog anymore.

While I was working, however, I had a chance to work with many different dental assistants.  Some of them were very experienced, some were recent graduates of dental assisting programs, still others had no dental experience whatsoever.

Would you like to guess who I enjoyed working with the most?  Laughably, it was the least trained of them all.  The most difficult to work with were those trained at some expensive dental assisting school!  These poor people had decided to start a new part of their lives and dedicate themselves to dental assisting – only to be scammed by some “school” claiming to be able to train them well.  This only created confusion around what they thought they knew, and frustration when they learned what they actually knew.  Furthermore, they all requested a pay scale that was unreasonable given their abilities but necessary given their debt load.

This is where we come in.  I believe that dentistry is a wonderful profession.  I believe that the high cost of these so-called “dental assisting schools” limits the number of people who decide to pursue a career as dental assistants.  Therefore, we are missing a lot of great talent – your talent – in dentistry.

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